Consignment policy

Here is the short answer to the question: "How does it work?" 
 Bring in your gear. Choose to consign or donate. We sell your gear. 
you get paid!
selling price

Up to $500...

$500  to  $750...

$750  or more...

check/store credit





For the long answer and more details, see below...


Pricing Policy
- To price your items, the consignor and our helpful staff will have a dialogue as to
   how much the item should sell for at the time of consignment intake. In general, a
   good rule of thumb is to set the price at 50% of the items current retail price, plus
   or minus some value dependent on the items' overall condition.
- Brand-new items must be discounted a minimum of 20% off the current retail
- If the price of an item becomes greater than 80% of new retail price, CSR
   reserves the right to lower the price at that time.
- Colorado Sports Recycler reserves the right to discount items up to 15% at any
   point, but you will always be paid out the same amount as if your item sold for
   10% off.
- Although unlikely, if after 3 months any or all of the consigned items remain
   unsold, Colorado Sports Recycler has the right to re-price the item(s) to sell.
- The consignor can reprice their items beginning two months from their original
   consignment date. Requests for price adjustments or item removal may take up
   to two days to process.

Payment Policy
- Consignor will receive 60% of the item's selling price in store credit or 50% in
   cash or check.
- Credit can be used in-store.
- Colorado Sports Recycler will not contact consignors when their item sells.
   Damaged/Stolen Item Policy
- CSR is not responsible for damages incurred while an item is on consignment.
- Stolen items will be paid out at their lowest price (as if they sold at a 10%
   discount) after 12 days.

The Consignment Process
   We will accept consignment anytime during our regular business hours (no appointment
   needed!), but to keep consignment running smoothly, please try to arrive an hour before we

In-store consignment
Before arriving at the store:
-  Clean and assess your items for cleanliness, defects, and missing parts
- Email or call 719-221-2880 with any questions you
   may have.
- Compile a list of your items featuring:
   1. Brand
   2. Description of item
   3. The original MSRP
   4. How much you would like to sell the item for (max 80% of current retail price)
Consignment day:
- Come into the store anytime during store hours
- Our employees will assess the condition of your gear
- You and our employees will negotiate what price the gear will sell for
- You will sign a contractual agreement agreeing to our consignment policies.
After Consignment:
- Your items will be tagged and merchandised on the sales floor
- Your items will hopefully sell!
- Your consignment credit will be added to your customer account for you to use at your
- If your items do not sell after 2 months, the price of your items will be lowered 20%. If
   they have not sold after 4 months, you will be required to come get them or they will be
   donated to charity.

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